When Choosing a Wrong Lawyer

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There would be a huge amount of consequences if you choose a wrong lawyer. From an innocent defender, you were judged to be guilty. The person you blame on is the lawyer that you hired. This kind of staff happens not uncommon as might be thought. Just by telling all the details to a lawyer of low skill and competetence, the lawyer could even betray you! If you're smart about whom you choose, however, you can avoid these pitfalls. There are 5 warning signs to be aware of to avoid the same situation should you need to go to court to prove your innocence.


Let's begin by looking at the first red flag when selecting a lawyer to represent you: they don't seem to listen or write much down. If you're smart, you've already compiled the details of your case on paper or through a recording of some kind. Your lawyer should be an excellent communicator which means that they not only ask the right questions, they listen. As the old adage goes, "listen first, and then speak". Your attorney should be not only telling you what you can expect as the phases in the trial progress, they should be collecting your notes, listening thoroughly to your details, and asking questions that prove they have been listening.


Next, look out for attorneys who can never meet with you to work on your case. Sure, lawyers have court dates almost daily, but will your lawyer make time for you in, say, the next week to discuss their strategy with you and keep you informed? Too many victims of poor legal representation go for weeks or months without hearing from their lawyers and they simply assume they are busy and are "working on it". Not true! Don't settle for anything less than face-to-face meetings in a timely manner. After all, you're paying THEM!


The third sign of caution is a lawyer who forgets to file paperwork on time or doesn't file it at all. I had a lawyer once who forgot to file some kind of special appeal for me and as a result, we missed the deadline, lost the case, and were denied further appeals. There is nothing more infuriating than dealing with someone who is incompetent. If you see even one court-required document get tossed by the wayside, run for your life and get someone capable who can better represent you.


The last 2 things to look out for are dishonesty and a bad reputation. Ok, let's start with the dishonesty. This stomach-turning flaw can manifest itself anywhere from billing you incorrectly for time they worked on your court documents to joking about lying or cheating to "break the ice" with you or others. This is not a good way to start a professional relationship where so much is riding on this person's success with your case. The final red flag is a bad reputation. You can easily find this information online by going to Google. Since I live in the San Diego area, I would search like this: "criminal defense San Diego" or "criminal law attorney San Diego" and then add the word "reputation", "referral", or "excellent" to the phrase. This will narrow the search results to actual attorneys in your area who you can read about and who come highly recommended by others.


Remember to choose your attorney wisely and you'll reap the results of a smooth process along the way, a defense that properly reflects your innocence, and the outcome you deserve!


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When Choosing a Wrong Lawyer

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This article was published on 2010/05/14