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When you‘re driving down the road, and someone doesn‘t exactly follow every safety precaution and rule, it can mean an auto accident for you, a safe and cautious driver.  For example, one may run a stop sign or be texting on their cell phone, and they crash into you.  It is unclear by the damage done to the cars who is at fault.  There are no witnesses and it is your word versus theirs.  An officer arrives and the guilty party claims the accident was your fault.  They say you ran the light and hit them.  Wouldn't it be a good idea to have legal council for this case?

After the wreck, it is possible that when you are trying to claim your money from the insurance company you have issues with the company, and they seem as though they are going to refuse to pay for the accident.  They claim the accident was your fault, or they don't have enough evidence to file a proper claim, or they may try to pay you less money than the damage is worth.  If you have a lawyer fighting on your side, they will be able to get you the money that is necessary to fix your vehicle, as well as, pay for the medical bills you may have.  Lawyers understand how the insurance company works, and they aren't as easy to give the run around as a normal person just trying to make a living.

It is always useful to have a lawyer in mind in case something like this were to happen.  In a world that can often lose sight of what's important and is full of surprises, we aren't able to know when a lawyer might be necessary.  We often believe it will never happen to us.  It doesn't hurt to have a lawyer in mind, and it doesn't cost anything either.


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Lawyer Necessity

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This article was published on 2010/10/26